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Multi Peril Crop Insurance

Multi Peril Crop Insurance(MPCI) is the #1 insurance covering America's producers. MPCI insures against a yield loss by insuring a percentage of your proven history for the crop insured. MPCI covers against all natural perils.

Crop Hail

Protect your crop against a hail storm. We represent several companies to get you the best rate possible. Give us a call and we can get you a quote.

Livestock Risk Protection

Price insurance policy that covers a decline in Livestock price. Coverage prices range from 70-99% of daily livestock prices figured on the actual ending value from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange(CME). 
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Field Grain Fire

Field Grain Fire is an insurance policy that insures standing grain crop against direct loss by fire. It also covers any loss of grain due to collision or upset of vehicles while grain is being transported to the first place of storage.

Pasture, Rangeland
& Forage (PRF)

An area based insurance to protect your land against the lack of rainfall. This protects your grazing land, grass hayland, alfalfa and grass/alfalfa hayland against an average amount of moisture for your grid. The producer must pick a minimum of two- 2 month intervals to insure rainfall. You can insure at a level of 70-90% and from 60-150% of the base price.

Pasture Fire

We're now offering Pasture Fire Insurance. Give us a call for more details.